Cell Phone Boosters

The new ZB545

The zBoost SOHO ZB545 boosts cell phone signals for voice and text for all major carriers. zBoost SOHO captures the reliable cellular signal you have outdoors and rebroadcasts it indoors, up to 2,500 square feet, so you can enjoy clearer, faster and more reliable service without interruption.

Everything you need is included: amplifier base unit, indoor antenna, power supply, 50 ft. of RG-6 cable, external antenna, and mounting hardware.

Benefits Include:

  • High performing dual band signal booster – coverage up to 2,500 sq. ft. (up to 64 dB system gain)
  • Ideal for small homes that have reliable outside signal
  • Reduces dropped and missed calls and provides faster 3G data performance for multiple simultaneous users
  • Boosts performance on iPhone™, Samsung™, Android™ and other phones and mobile devices
  • Automatically operates at maximum gain – no manual adjustments needed
  • Extends phone battery life – phone uses less power when the indoor signal is stronger
  • Easy to set up – all hardware included
  • Designed in Silicon Valley – Made in North America


The package includes everything you need: base unit, indoor antenna, power supply, RG-6 coax cable (50 ft.), external antenna and mounting hardware.

The omnidirectional external antenna receives signals from multiple cell towers.

Before installing, we’ll note the following important factors in determining your zBoost performance:

  • At least 15 vertical feet is needed between the External Antenna (receives the outside signal) and the Indoor Antenna (rebroadcasts the signal indoors). Separation less than 15 vertical feet will result in decreased performance.
  • Keep the External Antenna at least 3 feet above any metal.