Shaw Direct Satellite Solutions

Red Deer’s Shaw Direct Satellite Authorized Dealer

What’s a great TV without a great source and a vast channel selection?

We offer a range of satellite solutions with brands like Shaw Direct depending on your viewing preferences. Simply walk out with the hardware or let us save you the headache and expensive tools required to calibrate your new dish. (we’ll bring our own ladder).

You can count on us for great reception!

Shaw Direct Programming and Satellite Equipment


HDDSR 600 Digital Satellite Receiver with Integrated HDTV Decoder

The Motorola HDDSR 600 advanced HDTV receiver delivers superior programming and convenient, interactive features.

The Motorola HDDSR 600 combines a full-featured, MPEG-4 capable digital satellite receiver with an advanced HDTV decoder to deliver dazzling high-definition programming and an easy-to-use interactive menu.

Television has never looked better than with High-Definition TV. The HDDSR 600 includes multiple output connectors and formats, including HDMI ® for the highest quality output to capable televisions.

The HDDSR 600 also provides Standard-Denition video and audio outputs.

The HDDSR 600’s enhanced viewer menu system contains an interactive program guide (IPG) that provides extensive program information to help viewers plan for the week or weekend ahead.

The easy-to-use viewer menu system is conveniently integrated in the remote control.

Shaw Direct Advanced High Definition HDPVR (630)

The Advanced HDPVR (630) is the latest in TV technology. It delivers High Definition TV, as well as the convenience of digital recording. The internal hard drive is capable of recording more than 45 hours of High-Definition programming or 175 hours of standard definition programming. With dual tuners, you can record two programs and watch a third from the DVR list. Or watch one live program and record another. Finally you can pause live TV, or skip back to whatever you missed.