Hi-Speed Rural Internet Solutions

Red Deer’s Local Xplornet  Authorized Dealer

Xplornet is Canada’s largest rural high speed internet provider!

Using the latest state of the art LTE Radio technologies providing up to 25 Mbps of download speeds.

Xplornet Rural Internet has many packages to chose from.  They can provide high speed for streaming music, sharing photos, watching movies and connecting your entire home.

With Xplornet, you have NO EQUIPMENT  TO BUYFREE BASIC INSTALLATION and 24/7 support.

Ask us about the newest LTE high speed starting at only $39.99!  It’s super fast!  And we have many package options that are flexable and affordable to meet your needs. And if that’s no enough, add additional services to your internet, like Home phone, security, web hosting so much more!

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Napoleon TravelQ™ 285 with Scissor Cart _ TQ285X-RD
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